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subclass of Widget
CmdWidget creates a window in which Tcl commands can be typed. The command will be executed when the Enter key is pressed with the cursor positioned at the end of the command currently being edited, and the command is complete Tcl command. The output of the commands will be redirected to the cmd widget. Previous commands can be gotten and edited before execution using Alt-Up (default keypress, can be changed).

is a convience function that pops up a toplevel containing a CmdWidget with a scroll bar.

CmdWidget specific options

Command-Line Name: -prompt
Database Name: prompt
Database Class: Prompt
This is the prompt that wil be displayed. It is run through subst first, so you can use something like {[pwd] % } as prompt.

CmdWidget specific methods

pathname do
execute the command currently being edited
pathname display args
insert args into CmdWidget
pathname complete ?what?
If what (default is file) is set to
try to complete the word at the cursor to a complete available file
try to complete the word at the cursor to a complete available variable
try to complete the word at the cursor to a complete available command
pathname insert index chars ?tags?
pathname delete ?index? ?index?
pathname undo
pathname redo
pathname clearundo
pathname cut
pathname copy
pathname paste
pathname clear
remove command being edited
pathname clearall
clear the entire cmd widget
pathname historyup
pathname historydown
pathname save file
save the contents of the CmdWidget to file
pathname select mode
pathname move mode
pathname backspace
pathname textdelete
pathname position index
pathname connect ?name?
connect to a different Tk application with name name using send. if name is not given, returns the current connected application
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