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subclass of Widget
creates a button which pops up a selection dialog from which the user can choose between different default values, or add new ones.

DefaultMenu specific options

Command-Line Name: -command
Database Name: command
Database Class: Command
This command will be executed when the user selects a value from the DefaultMenu.
Command-Line Name: -getcommand
Database Name: getCommand
Database Class: GetCommand
This command will be executed upon invoking the menu. The return value will be placed in the Add entry. This value can be added easily to the list of default values to choose from
Command-Line Name: -key
Database Name: key
Database Class: Key
key by which the default system will be queried and changed

DefaultMenu specific methods

pathname get
get the currently selected value.
pathname menu
invoke the DefaultMenu menu
pathname add value
add $value to the associated defaults list
pathname remove value
remove $value from the associated defaults list
pathname removemenu
remove the DefaultMenu menu from the screen
pathname place

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