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subclass of Class
DragDrop is not a widget and is not intended to produce instances. It is a class that manages drag and drop. A drop can be started using the command
Classy::DragDrop start x y value ...
This should be bound to the <<Drag>> event of the source window.

A window will be notified of a drop by the virtual event <<Drop>>, so
bind window <<Drop>> command
will execute the command when somethind is dropped on the window

The window is also notified of the current drag entering, moving in, or leaving the window by the <<Drag-Enter>> <<Drag-Motion>> and\ <<Drag-Leave>> events, and can take apropriate actions. The program can get the data associated with the drag using the command
Classy::DragDrop get ?type?

Config methods

Classy::DragDrop start x y value ?option value ...?
starts a drag. It clears all previously changed drag and drop settings to their default values or the ones supplied as options to the start classmethod. x and y must be the x and y position of the pointer on the screen: you can use %X and %Y in the event command to get these. $value is the default value given for the drop if no type is specified. the options are the same as for the Classy::DragDrop configure classmethod.
Classy::DragDrop configure ?option? ?value? ?option value...?
returns or changes the options for the current drag. following options are supported:
-types {type data ?type data ...?}
gives a list of types, and the data that should be returned when the drop site asks for the data.
-ftypes {type function ?type function ...?}
gives a list of types, and a function which will generate the data desired by the drop site. The function will be executed at global level in the application where the drag originated.
-transfer type
type of transfer: $type can be none, copy, move or link
-cursor cursor
cursor of drag
-image image
dragged image
Classy::DragDrop types ?pattern?
returns a list of all types supported by the current drag; optionally only those matching $pattern are returned
Classy::DragDrop get ?type?
returns the data associated with with the type $type of the current drag. If no type is given, the default value is returned (the data given to the start classmethod.)
Classy::DragDrop bind event ?command?
with this classmethod, bindings can be added to the current drag, eg. to change the transfer type in response to a keypress. Note that the command must come after the drag was started with the start classmethod.
Classy::DragDrop abort
abort the current drag.
Classy::DragDrop stop
make the drop. The user normally does not have to call this classmethod, as it is usually called by the bindings of DragDrop.
Classy::DragDrop move
This classmethod is called while dragging. It updates the dragged window, and generates the Drag events. The user normally does not have to call this classmethod, as it is usually called by the bindings of DragDrop.
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