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DynaMenu is not a widget and is not intended to produce instances. It is a class that manages menus in an easy and dynamic way. Dynamenu can handle several menutypes.

Each menutype is defined by a menu definition. Dynamenu can create one or more popup or top menus for each menutype. When the definition of the menutype is redefined all menus of that type will be changed accordingly.

Menu definitions for menutype are usually controlled from the Menus part of the configuration system.

A menu managed by DynaMenu can control several widgets: The commands associated with the menu can include a %W, that on invocation is changed to the current cmdw (command widget). The cmdw of a menu can be changed at any time. DynaMenu also handles key shortcuts.

DynaMenu attachmainmenu menutype window ?menuroot?
create a top menu of type $menutype and attach it to the given window. $window will be the initial cmdw for the menu. The menu will be added to the toplevel of $window, unless menuroot is specified.
DynaMenu attachmenu menutype window
create a popup menu of type $menutype and attach it to the given window. $window will be the initial cmdw for the menu.
DynaMenu cmdw menutype ?cmdw?
change the current cmdw for $menutype to $cmdw. If the cmdw argument is not given, the method returns the current cmdw for $menutype. This method is automatically called when a widget which has bindtags defined by DynaMenu recieves the focus.
DynaMenu define menutype ?data?
set the definition describing the menus that will be generated for $menutype to $data. If data is empty, the data for $menutype will be removed. If data is not given, the current definition for $menutype will be returned.
DynaMenu types
returns a list of menutypes managed by Dynamenu
DynaMenu delete menutype
delete the current definition and all menus of $menutype
DynaMenu menu menutype
returns the window name of the menu of type $menutype for use in a program.
DynaMenu popup menutype ?x y?
popup menu of type $menutype
DynaMenu invoke curmenu index
invoke the item given by $index in $curmenu
DynaMenu makemenu menutype menu cmdw bindtag
You don't usually have to call this method. The above commands will do. It creates a menu named $menu of type $menutype if $menu does not exist yet. $cmdw determines the initial command widget. All key bindings from key shortcuts are bound to $bindtag. Adding $bindtag to the bindtags of a widget will make all shortcuts available from that widget.
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