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subclass of Widget
The DynaTool widgets are toolbars, for which the contents are managed by the DynaTool class in an easy and dynamic way. DynaTool can handle several tooltypes.

Each tooltype is defined by a definition in a simple format. DynaTool can create one or more toolbars for each tooltype. When the definition of the tooltype is changed all toolbars of that type will be changed accordingly.

Toolbar definitions for tooltype are usually controlled from the Toolbars part of the configuration system.

A toolbar managed by DynaTool can control several widgets: The commands associated with the toolbar can include a %W, that on invocation is changed to the current cmdw (command widget). The cmdw of a toolbar can be changed at any time.

pathname define tooltype ?data?
set the definition describing the tools that will be generated for $tooltype. If data is not given, the toolbar definition for $tooltype will be returned. Definition of toolbars is usually done in the configuration system. You will usually not invoke this method, as the definition of tooltype that isn't managed yet will be automatically fetched and defined when creating a new toolbar.
pathname redraw tooltype
redraw toolbars of type $tooltype
pathname types ?pattern?
pathname get tooltype
returns the definition of $tooltype
pathname deletetool tool
delete $tool managed by DynaTool
pathname delete tooltype
delete the definition and all toolbars of $tooltype
pathname cmdw tool {cmdw {}}
change the current cmdw for $tool to $cmdw. If the cmdw argument is not given, the method returns the current cmdw for $tool.
pathname invoke curtool index
invoke the item given by $index in the tool
pathname reqwidth tool
pathname reqheight tool

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