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subclass of Widget
creates a widgets which acts nearly like a text widget but has several extra capabilities:

Text specific options

Command-Line Name: -changedcommand
Database Name: changedcommand
Database Class: Changedcommand

Text specific methods

pathname link ?linkedwindow?
returns the current linked window if linkedwindow is not given. Otherwise $linkedwindow is linked
pathname unlink
pathname textinsert string
pathname insert index chars ?tag ...?
pathname textchanged ?1/0?
query or set the textchanged state
pathname delete args ?startindex endindex?
pathname undo ?nolink?
pathname redo ?nolink?
pathname clearundo ?nolink?
pathname cut
pathname copy
pathname paste
pathname findsel dir
pathname get ?index1? ?index2?
pathname set value
pathname select mode
pathname move mode
pathname backspace
pathname textdelete
pathname position index

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