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subclass of Widget
Toplevel produces "intelligent" toplevels. They have a simple option to make them resizable or not. They automatically assume a reasonable minimum size based on their content (The Toplevel will be placed on the screen and its size calculated at the first idle moment after Toplevel creation. The Toplevel will place itself so that the mouse pointer is is positioned over it, without being place partly out of the screen. If it is resized, it can remember its size for the next display.

Toplevel specific options

Command-Line Name: -destroycommand
Database Name: ?
Database Class: ?
commands invoked when destroying the toplevel
Command-Line Name: -keepgeometry
Database Name: keepGeometry
Database Class: KeepGeometry
remember size of Toplevel for next creation
Command-Line Name: -cache
Database Name: cache
Database Class: Cache
hide the Toplevel instead of destroying it when it is closed
Command-Line Name: -title
Database Name: Title
Database Class: Title
Command-Line Name: -resize
Database Name: resize
Database Class: Resize
list of 2 values determining whether the Toplevel is resizable in x and y direction. If they are 0, the window is not resizable in that direction. When 1 it is resizable, with the requested size being the minimum size. When more than 2, the window is resizable, with the minimum size being the value given
Command-Line Name: -autoraise
Database Name: autoRaise
Database Class: AutoRaise

Toplevel specific methods

pathname hide
hide the Toplevel
pathname place
display the Toplevel in a proper position, size, ...
pathname destroy

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