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subclass of Class
Tree is not a widget type. It is a class whose objects can be associated with a canvas widget. When a Tree instance is associated with a canvas, it will draw a tree on this canvas.

Tree options

A tree object supports the following options in its configure method
name of canvas to draw the chart
unique tag for all canvas items of the chart
size of indentation
size left open between different lines
default font for the text lines
size between text parts
x location of root
y location of root
optional image displayed on root
optional text displayed on root

Tree specific methods

pathname destroy
pathname configure ?option? ?value? ?option value ...?
changes the way the tree is displayed. Supported options are given above.
pathname addnode parent node args
add a node to node $parent. The following arguments can be given:
pathname closenode node
pathname opennode node
pathname clearnode node
pathname deletenode node
pathname exists node
pathname type node
pathname node ...
pathname what ...
pathname parentnode node
pathname children node
pathname selection ?option? ...
pathname nodes parent
returns the child nodes from $parent
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